Watch Trump Pal Carter Page Act Super Sketchy

onald Trump surrogate (possibly) — and the man who several media outlets say was connected to Russia — Carter Page appeared this evening on All In With Chris Hayes.

Although he maintains that nothing happened that was untoward, Page appeared extremely questionable throughout the interview. He consistently wavered between answers, and he often gave one answer then stopped to think and later change the answer.

During questioning his dodgyness became very apparent. At first, he refused to answer questions about what was discussed during a meeting with Russians.

Then, Hayes asked about the Russian ambassador. Page previously (on another show) said he didn’t talk to the Russian ambassador. But Hayes pressed him until he said ‘I do not deny’ that he met the Russian ambassador in Cleveland.

Later Hayes asked Page if he was part of the Trump campaign. He originally tried to make it seem like he was not; however, after being pressed by Hayes, he admitted he did several things that would be expected of a campaign surrogate.

Page next refused to say how he got involved with the Trump campaign. He wouldn’t say who asked him to be a part of the campaign. He claimed that there is nothing important about that question.

When Hayes asked what Page did in Russia when he gave a speech, Page claimed that he had ‘no material discussions.’ Asked if he spoke to Russian intelligence, he responded, ‘not that I’m aware of.’ He claimed he had no conversations about sanctions, but he said he may have discussed the Trump campaign.

Hayes then asked if Page met with the two men mentioned in the Russian dossier. He first tried to change the subject, but Hayes wouldn’t let him. Page eventually says ‘no’, but he stuttered quite a bit when he said that, and appeared to be thinking. After wavering back and forth he said he may have been in a group meeting with one of them.

Later, Hayes asked, “At any time did you have liaisons in Russia in which you were talking about the hacking that was going on?” Page answered “categorically, no;” he then turned the conversation to Hillary Clinton.

Finally, Hayes asked if Page was still in contact with the Trump administration. Page thought for a moment and then gave an answer that Hayes interpreted as ‘yes’.

Throughout the interview, he seemed to go back and amend his statements, and he refused to answer around half the questions. Page may not have had anything to do with Russians, but he did a very bad job making himself seem credible. Next time, he may want to consider skipping the interviews.

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