These Four Top Senate Republicans Just Turned On Trump, Demand Investigation Into Trump-Putin Links

The Senate Intelligence Committee is finally acknowledging that the shady connections between Trump and Russia must be investigated further, especially as Trump’s national security advisor, Michael Flynn resigns in disgrace.

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The charge is being led by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) who told KRTS Radio that, “I think everybody needs that investigation to happen.” Blunt’s call for a full investigation and for Flynn to testify before Congress is being supported by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC).

Cornyn, however, wasn’t ready to say if Flynn should testify. “I think there’s an orderly process to make sure we get accurate information and we can [sic] the appropriate oversight and that’s what we ought to do.”

want to know, did General Flynn do this by himself or was he directed by somebody to do it?” asked Graham earlier today.

As reported by CNN, Blunt continued to stress the need for an explanation into Trump’s ties to Russia—and that it is finally time for the Senate Intelligence Committee to take this seriously.

“And the Senate Intelligence Committee, again that I serve on, has been given the principal responsibility to look into this, and I think we should look into it exhaustively so that at the end of this process, nobody wonders whether there was a stone left unturned, and shouldn’t reach conclusions before you have the information that you need to have to make those conclusions.”
Of course, Flynn’s resignation has played heavily into this. Flynn, having been caught with his hand in the proverbial Russian cookie jar, was forced to resign late Monday after news broke that he had been misleading White House officials about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador. Or, as he Flynn himself, described it “incomplete information.”

Blunt stated that speaking to Flynn should help clarify what Trump has been hiding.

“What did he know? What did he do? And is there any reason to believe that anybody else knew that and didn’t take the kind of action they should have taken?” urged Blunt, asking what we’ve all been feeling.

“For all of us, finding out if there’s a problem or not and sooner rather than later is the right thing to do,” he commented.

“The national security adviser of all the people that work with and for the president has to be absolutely trustworthy and truthful and apparently he wasn’t and he paid the price for that,” Blunt told the interviewer.

It is welcome to see Republicans finally taking responsibility for our country’s national security and taking efforts to get to the bottom of President Trump’s ties to Russia. We hope to see swift and decisive action taken as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “These Four Top Senate Republicans Just Turned On Trump, Demand Investigation Into Trump-Putin Links”

  1. No one ever listens tome. Been passing this info around FOR MONTHS. Listen to the tape you will hear the following: Trump has insisted since day one that he has no ties to Russia or Putin. If you’ve been following our #TrumpLeaks program on Twitter, you know we’ve made it our mission to prove that Trump and his campaign have been lying.
    Today, we unearthed evidence that even fake news can’t deny – actual audio of Trump from an interview conducted on Michael Savage’s radio show in 2015.
    “Savage: “Have you ever met Vladimir Putin?”
    Trump: “Yes, a long time ago. We get along great, by the way.”
    Savage: “If you win the presidency, do you feel you can do business with Vladimir Putin?”
    Trump: “Yes I do. I think I would get along very well. I had the Miss Universe pageant, believe it or not, in Moscow two years ago. I got many of the Russian leaders, the top people in Russia honestly. … These are people, they are looking to do things.” Like RIGGING AN ELECTION PERHAPS????

  2. Where’s Rubio? He has a big mouth until it matters, then he’s silent. He knows 45 is in over his head, his appointments go against everything and now he’s quiet?
    I’m praying that if he doesn’t start working for Floridians soon, that those who are republicans, do not reelect him AGAIN!

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