The US Senate Just Called British Spy To Testify Over Trump/Russia Blackmail

The investigation into President Trump and his team’s potentially treasonous connections and communications to agents of the Russian Federation is rapidly gaining steam.

Both Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are working to convince the former MI6 agent behind the infamous “Golden Showers” dossier, Christopher Steele, to testify before Congress – or at least to attend secure meetings with Congressmen in Europe or other neutral territories.

Steele has gone into hiding following the release of the explosive dossier, fearful of the long arm of the Kremlin and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s fondness for tying up loose ends with murder.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Steele had been in discussions with the FBI to receive compensation for his continued investigations into Trump’s Russia connections, signaling that the FBI believes the information he has is credible enough to warrant further investigation.

Steele has not yet responded to the requests, but sources close to Steele say that “say he may be willing to speak about his investigation to senators and US officials if certain security conditions are met.”

Nobody knows the ins and out of the Trump administration and their myriad connections to Russia as well as Steele does, and nobody is better equipped to inform the American people about just what kompromat the Russians might be blackmailing President Trump with.

Now that it’s clear Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath about his secret communications with the Russian ambassador during the election campaign, both Republicans and Democrats are coming together and demanding answers. It’s beginning to look like the entire administration is implicated in this scandal, and Steele’s testimony could be just what Democrats need to sink the Republican Party for good.

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