Stuart Florida City Guide

Stuart Florida is the sail-fishing capital of the world, with only 15,000 residents this sleepy little town comes alive each year during fishing season.

WHEN local residents talk about the lure of Stuart , fl a dot-on-the-map place on the southeast coast of Florida, they often start by noting what it lacks: as in buildings taller than four stories or a downtown fast-food restaurant.

But all that is meant to showcase what the city and area — Stuart , fl is the seat of Martin County — really offers: uncluttered shoreline; a historic downtown with boutiques and chic restaurants; and a former silent-movie theater, the Lyric, that has been refashioned into a jewel of a contemporary performing arts center.

Perhaps most important, though, is the local population, which appreciates Stuart, fl for what it is — and isn’t — and has fought hard to preserve its quiet, free-spirited character.

They not only devour a cultural diet of everything from southern rock to the Borscht Belt shtick of Jackie Mason, they also stand and cheer for just about every performer. That’s a rarity in South Florida, where theater patrons are known to leave before the end of a show to beat the traffic.

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