Steve Bannon: Excluding Black People From Voting Is “Not Such a Bad Thing”

Steve Bannon has been a topic of conversation on a daily basis in the media, mostly because of his disturbing past and current actions. The Washington Post published a piece on Bannon, as did The Boston Globe, which brought some things to light that certainly doesn’t look good for Trump’s chief strategist.

Here are some things we learned from these two articles:
1) Some close to Bannon say he isn’t really racist, he’s just exploiting business opportunities. Ben Shapiro, the editor-in-chief of, also previously worked as an editor at Breitbart. He believes Bannon has exploited the far right for political purposes, according to the NYT article.
Bannon’s classmates from Harvard told the Globe that they think their former colleague has been exploiting a business opportunity, profiting off the neglected demographic of poor, white-working class Americans. One of them told the Globe: “There’s a strong argument to be made that he was doing whatever any good business leader would do, which is serving his customers and providing a product.”
2) He draws inspiration from a Nazi propagandist. Bannon has said that he gets inspiration from Nazi propagandist and filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl. She directed “Triumph of the Will,” a propaganda film commissioned by Adolf Hitler in 1933 that portrays Germany as a country returning to world power.Bannon and Breitbart News have been denounced by civil rights groups for promoting racist views. The SPLC has called Breitbart a “white ethno-nationalist propaganda mill.”

3) He has troubling views on voting rights. One film colleague of Bannon’s told the Times that he had once said that voting rights should be limited to those who own property like in the early decades of US history.

“I said, ‘That would exclude a lot of African-Americans,’” Ms. Jones recalled. “He said, ‘Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.’ I said, ‘But what about Wendy?’” referring to Mr. Bannon’s executive assistant. “He said, ‘She’s different. She’s family.’

This man appears to be a greedy, exploitative, hate-mongering racist and he’s going to be calling a lot of the shots in the presidential administration. If that’s not scary to you, then you’re probably a Trump voter.

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