Report: Flynn’s Silence a Signal of Immunity ‘Deal With FBI’

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s recent silence on talk of President Donald Trump’s campaign alleged collusion with Russia might signal “a deal with the FBI,” according to CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem.

Kayyem, a former Department of Homeland Security official under President Barack Obama, noted Friday, amid three other former campaign advisers for President Donald Trump agreeing to speak with the House Intelligence Committee, Flynn’s exclusion from that group is revealing, according to her “sources.”

“The name that is not mentioned is a name that I mention often on this show is the name Mike Flynn, the former national security adviser,” Kayyem told a CNN panel Friday night. “It is starting to look like from my sources and from open reporting that Mike Flynn is the one that may have a deal with the FBI and that is why we haven’t heard from him for sometime.”

Kayyem followed up Friday night’s reporting with a Facebook post, suggesting this to be more “informed” speculation than “any confirmation.”

“To be clear, I did not say on this segment that I have any confirmation that he is actually cooperating or that I have talked to anyone who does,” she wrote on Facebook. “My informed analysis of this case is based on my years of experience in the national security arena.”

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