President Trump hates ‘fake news’ — but spreads unsubstantiated and dangerous claims


Here’s the difference between fake news and real news reporting. If you’re a reporter for a legitimate news organization and you use bogus information from unsubstantiated or fake sources, you get fired. If you’re a candidate for President and you use bogus information from unsubstantiated or fake sources you get elected.

Take the case of disgraced reporter Juan Thompson, who worked for The Intercept news site created by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

Thompson got fired by The Intercept for making up news stories and then went on to become the real story himself when he made fake bomb threats against Jewish community centers in an attempt to frame the woman who’d dumped him. Don’t ask.

President Trump, however, who rails constantly against unreliably, anonymously sourced and “fake” news, went on yet another Twitter rant on Saturday morning claiming that “bad (or sick) guy” Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped.

Disgraced reporter cuffed for string of anti-Semitic bomb threats
His information, however, appears to have come from a Breitbart news recap being circulated among the White House staff of a broadcast by conservative radio host Mark Levin.

The memo, reported the Washington Post, outlined Levin’s idea that there was a “Silent Coup” by Obama to trap Trump by tapping Trump.

Too bad the Breitbart report reads instead like an indictment of Trump associates’ coziness with the Russians, beginning with a former Brit spy’s assertions of the Trump Russian hooker tape and ending with the “targeting” of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his undisclosed meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. No, it doesn’t mention that CNN had reported that U.S. intelligence considers Kislyak a top Russian spy and recruiter.

Now that’s what you call some real bad (or sick) Russkie business.

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