CNN Just Confirmed A MAJOR Part of Trump’s Russian Blackmail Dossier

The impetus behind the Trump campaign’s efforts to change the official Republican Party policy platform’s stance on the Russian intervention in the Ukraine has finally been revealed, and the new information supports a key allegation from Christopher Steele’s infamous Trump-Russia “Golden Showers” Dossier.

CNN’s Jim Acosta just reported that former Trump foreign policy advisor J.D. Gordon told him that it was Donald Trump himself who ordered the abrupt change in language to the Republican Party’s official policy platform. Trump’s changes were a major about-face for the GOP regarding the Russian Federation’s invasion of the Ukraine, the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, and support for the pro-Moscow “rebels” in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Instead of “providing lethal defense weapons” to the Ukranian army fighting the Kremlin’s militias and Russian special forces, Trump softened the language to just “appropriate assistance.”

In another suspicious development, J.D. Gordon admitted he and fellow Trump aide Carter Page met with the Russian ambassador at the Republican National Convention, right before the language was changed.

President Trump continues to stubbornly insist that he “wasn’t involved in it.”

Trump’s involvement in the policy change appears to confirm assertions made in the Trump-Russia dossier that a quid-pro-quo went down between the Russian government and the Donald Trump campaign, where the Russians gave Trump the emails hacked from the DNC in exchange for the shift in the campaign’s official Ukraine policy.

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